January 29, 2014 Miss Denise
So, you and the kids haven't left the house in three days because the wind-chill is 40-below and it's too cold to play outside. The kids are bouncing off the walls, and you've done everything, absolutely everthing there is to do in your house. Don't despair! Here are a few inside activities you might not have thought of to cure cabin fever:
  1. Make a blanket fort
  2. Make snow ice cream (recipes on Pinterest)
  3. Drag a matress off the bed, into the living room and voila! Indoor trampoline!
  4. Turn up the radio and have a dance party
  5. Play hide and seek
  6. Build rockets out of recyclables
  7. Have a cleaning party (kids LOVE to vacuum)
  8. Make GOOP with elmer's glue and Borax (recipe on Pinterest)
  9. Have a picnic in the living room
  10. Using painter's tape, make "roads" on the floor for Matchbox cars
Last but not least, come to the library and warm up with a good book!

Fun Things to Do on a Snow Day