February 10, 2015 Kellen Freeman

Board gaming, also called tabletop gaming, is on the rise across the country and the library is sitting down at the table. We have chosen 22 modern board games that inspire creativity, creative thinking, interaction and are just plain fun to play. These games include classics such as the Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Ticket to Ride. We also have popular recent releases such as King of Tokyo, Escape: Curse of the Temple, and Tokaido.

These games have all been nominated for awards, some of which have won several times over. Games like Dixit, Hanabi and Ticket to Ride have won the coveted Spiel de Jahres (Board Game of the Year) award. This is like winning the Oscars of the board game world. Others have been inducted into halls of fame. These are not games that have just been slapped onto cardboard and put in a box. These are games that are well designed, thoughtfully crafted and well loved.


In today’s world where mobile game apps are popular, real time social game play may be limited. Board games have the unique ability to inspire and at times require social interaction by their very nature. Whether you’re trading resources with other players, rolling dice to escape a collapsing temple or betting on who knows the correct answer to a trivia question, these games are about the interaction between people at the table. Everyone is involved in the game and spending time working together or against each other in an attempt to win.

Also, not all games may be what you are familiar with or grew up with as a kid.  Rolling dice to move around a board letting fate determine what happens next has generally gone out the window. Today, games are about decision making, tactics, and timing. Whether a player is telling a story, attacking their opponent or working as a team with other players, these games involve more than letting the fate of the dice determine who wins the game.

As for how this new collection will work, here are the details. These games are located at the Delaware Main Branch, though patrons can place holds on them and pick them up at whichever branch they want. They check out from the circulation desk and patrons can check out one game at a time for two weeks. Still enjoying the game after two weeks? They can also be renewed up to three times as long as no one else has put a hold on them.

When you’re ready to bring it back, we ask patrons return them to the circulation desk. We don’t have any late fees on them, so if you need an extra day to return the game while we’re open, please take it. This is to help keep the games in playable condition. If you put the game inside the book drop, they’ll likely get damaged and patrons can be held responsible for lost or damaged pieces to the games. So in order to keep them running their best, please return them to the circulation desk.

For a list of all titles please ask a member of the staff. 

If you have any questions at all, give us a call at 740-362-3861 or email us at We would be happy to talk to you.



Introducing the DCDL Circulating Board Game Collection.