Great GeekFest 2016

        DCDL Great GeekFest 2016



Delaware County District Library
Orange Branch
7171 Gooding Blvd.
Delaware, OH 43015


Comic-Con Hours


Saturday, October 29
10 AM - 8 PM


General Info

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Welcome to the Great GeekFest!

The Great GeekFest is a celebration of all the things people geek out over. Come and share what you’re geeky for in the home of all geekdoms: the Library. Whether you’re a die hard cosplayer, a video game nut or a casual fan there’s something to entertain you all day.

Admission is FREE and all ages are welcome to attend. We've even got an area for the littlest of "geeks." 

Hair Chalk Giveaway

Check out our Instagram feed all this month to get sneak peeks into what artists, authors, games, movie screenings and food trucks you can expect to see at the Great GeekFest!

Great GeekFest General Rules


GGF Cosplay

Costumes will be judged in two categories for each age group: Craftsmanship and Showmanship.

Age groups include kids (0-11), teen (12-17), and adult (18+). 

• Prejudging: 11 AM - 12:30 PM
• Line-up at Reference Desk: 2:30 PM
• Runway Show/Judging: 3 PM


GGF Photo Ops

Take photos with characters from some of our favorite franchises!

Pictures will be taken with Library equipment, and attendees own phones or cameras may also be used. 

• Disney Princesses: 11 - 11:30 AM
• Star Wars Stormtrooper: 12:30 - 2:30 PM
• Ghostbusters: 3 - 3:30 PM
• Superheroes: 4 - 4:30 PM


GGF Screening Room 

See clips, watch movies, give feedback, laugh, cry and enjoy!

• 12 - 12:10 PM: Sci-Fi Trailers PG/PG-13
• 12:10 - 2 PM: Comic Book the Movie PG-13
• 2 - 3 PM: Trekkies PG
• 3 - 3:50 PM: The Prisoner: Ep. 3 Free for All TV-PG
• 3:50 - 4:15 PM: Attack on Titan: Ep. 1 TV-14
• 4:15 - 6 PM: So Bad It's Good?: Howard the Duck PG
• 6 - 7:30 PM: King of Kong PG-13


GGF Videogame Tournament

All ages are welcome to enter; parental discretion is advised.

Awards will be presented immediately following the final game.

• 1 PM: Mario Kart Wii
• 2:30 PM: Super Smash Brawl Wii
• 4 PM: Soul Calibur V PS3
• 5:30 PM: Call of Duty XBox 360
• 7 PM: Super Secret Final Game


GGF Tabletop Game Tournament

Sign up as an individual or as a family for either of these popular tabletop games.

• 10 AM: Sign up opens
• 1 PM: Adventure Time Love Letter
• 4 PM: Wits and Wagers

Also, get an early look at some of th enew games that are coming to the DCDL Board Game collection on Monday, November 1.

Staff will be on hand to teach you how to play and get you going.


Role Playing Games

Learn to play some of the most popular role playing games with an expert.  These are a great introduction for players new to these games.

• 10 AM: Sign up opens
• 11 AM: Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons (4 players max)
• 2 PM: Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons (4 players max)
• 4 PM: Learn to Play Savage Worlds (4 players max)


 GGF Panels

A mainstay at all comic-cons is the coming together of ideas through informational and fan panels! Join us throughout the day for these panels that cover movies, TV, art, culture, contemporary issues, comedy and much more!

• 11 AM: Fan Panel - Rebels vs. Starfleet: A Star Wars/Star Trek Fight
• 12 PM: Kyle Brown - Making Monsters: from Sketch to Screen
• 1 PM: Fan Panel - SuperWhoLock
• 2 PM: Cyrus Fire - The Value of a Value Study (Charcoal Shading) 
• 4 PM: Ayane Hida - Japanese Tea Service and Origami
• 5 PM: Fan Panel - Wonder Women: Female Representation in Comics
• 6 PM: Lorenzo Fobbs - The O.K. Lorenzo (Comedy)
• 7 PM: Fan Panel - Hogwarts, A History: A Very Potter Panel




GGF Map of Orange Branch Library



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Great GeekFest Coordinator, Author Panels, Food Trucks Mandy
Vendors Megan
Film Screenings Luke
Tabletop Tournament Kellen or Laurie
Videogame Tournament Chris
Cosplay Contest, Children's Area Becky or Jenny
Artists Rachel


DCDL Great GeekFest 2016


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