Blizzard Bags

Winter hit early in Central Ohio this year. Between the snow and freezing temperatures, several school districts have already declared a handful of snow days or school delays, which mean Blizzard Bags are coming into effect. To help Delaware County students, the Delaware County District Library (DCDL) is once again offering free printing for any student who needs to print assignments from their Blizzard Bags.

Blizzard Bag Printing for Free

“Students utilize the Library on snow days even more than they may during a regular school day because they have an opportunity to study, socialize, and use the public computers and wi-fi,” said Youth Services Manager Connie Pottle. “With this service, we are just trying to ease their workload a bit further.”

Printing at DCDL normally is $0.05 a page for black and white prints and $0.15 for color. Students requesting free Blizzard Bag printing should ask a library staff member for assistance.

Free printing for Blizzard Bags will be in effect as long as necessary.

“Since the official start of spring isn’t for another few months and we’re living in Ohio, we know the possibility of another large snowstorm looms around the corner. I always enjoy helping students with their academic needs, from printing and homework help to showing them our free online resources,” said Pottle.

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Friday, January 12, 2018
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Blizzard Bag Free Printing
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