Eligibility for Borrowing

All residents of Ohio (without regard to age) are eligible to become registered borrowers of DCDL.

  • New borrowers must complete an application form and provide verification of identity and current address. Customers unable to provide address verification will have library cards mailed to them.
  • Residents of any age may become registered borrowers. A parent or legal guardian of an applicant under age 18 must sign the child's application. Library staff has the right to request age verification before a card is issued. If application is not made by the parent in person, the library card will be mailed to the child in care of the parent. A parent's signature is still required on the form.
  • Borrowers' cards will be issued to organizations at the request of the CEO or other authorized individual. Organizations to which a card is issued must agree to accept financial responsibility for all library material borrowed on that card.

A patron with an expired library card may be asked to complete another registration form.