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Adult Program
Please mark your calendars for the second annual DCDL Human Library event on Saturday, April 20, 2019, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Volunteers from the community are giving their time to be human “books” by sharing their personal stories. The “books” will be available for a 30-minute check out with your library card. Our hope is that open and honest conversation will allow for those involved to have a deeper understanding of others within our shared community. Please read through our available book topics below. 

Register to check out a "book" by calling the Orange Branch Library at (740-549-2665)

Human Library


Global Citizen
I'm a Canadian, and America is now my sixth country of residence. I've also lived in Australia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait and Germany as a student, an international educator, and finally as a homemaker. Each place has taught me a little more about my own cultural background and challenged what I thought I knew about each region of the world I've lived in. I've had to overcome language barriers, learning beginner Russian and German (I didn't have much luck mastering Arabic) and also cultural expectations traveling as a single woman.

American Muslim
Nearly 3.3 million Muslims in the United States are often stereotyped as an extremist minority. The fact is that the overwhelming yet silent majority of Muslims share similar beliefs and ethics in their daily lives, as the two other monotheistic religions. I enjoy sharing my life as a Muslim in America with others who want to learn more.

Gestational Carrier
I’m a gestational carrier, or gestational surrogate. I carried for a family previously, and delivered their child in July of 2016. I’m am currently pursuing another surrogacy. I love to inform and educate people on this topic, and to help dispel misconceptions about the process.

Living a Waste Free Life
Have you ever considered how long it takes objects to break down in the landfill or come to terms with the fact that all plastic items are eventually destined with the landfill? Two years ago I fully internalized the global problems of waste and plastic pollution. Inspired by the examples of Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer, I began to aspire to live a zero waste lifestyle. Is aspiring to zero waste easy? No.  Do friends and family in my life embrace the change with open arms?  Not exactly. Does it feel good to live according to your convictions? Absolutely! I hope you'll join me. It would be wonderful to share my zero waste adventure with you.

Freelance Contemplative & Mindfulness Coach
Mindfulness changed my life, but I try not to make a big deal about it. It won't solve all your problems, but it can lead to feeling more at home in the messiness of real life. I went on my first silent meditation retreat in 2002 and have maintained a daily practice ever since.  I use what people already know about physical fitness to help them exercise their attention — an idea I explored in my TEDxColumbus Talk: Don't Try to Be Mindful.

Changing Careers
Changing careers in midlife is a challenge and an opportunity. Being well-informed in many areas is critical for your success. If possible, arrange a sabbatical from your present career to help you decide. Explore your talents, write down your thoughts, and do your research!