Meeting Room Policies

The facilities of the Delaware County District Library are available for public gatherings of a non-profit, civic, cultural or educational character when the room is not being used for library-related activities. 

  1. The facilities of the Delaware County District Library are available for gatherings of non-profit and for-profit organizations free of charge when the room is not being used for library-related activities.
  2. Entrance fees/admissions charges and the marketing or selling of goods or services for profit is prohibited.
  3. No private parties may be held.
  4. Meeting rooms may not be reserved for a single individual.
  5. Customers must be at least 18 years old to reserve the meeting room.  An adult must be present during the entire use of the facility by a group.
  6. Use of the meeting room facilities must take place in a responsible manner, without undue cost to the Board of Trustees and without undue interference with library activity.
  7. Fundraising events or solicitation of any kind are not permitted unless sponsored by the Library or by the Friends of the Delaware County District Library, or an agency partnering with the Library.
  8. Reservations will be accepted from groups with a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of
       * 70 attendees if reserving the Delaware (Main) Library meeting
       * 48 attendees if reserving the Orange Branch meeting room. 
    Smaller groups wishing to use the room may do so on an “as available” basis.
  9. Library staff reserves the right to review any or all applications and may demand sufficient time to make proper investigation before granting approval.
  10. The Library reserves the right to reject any application if it is determined that the organization has abused its past privileges in using the meeting rooms, including but not limited to: violation of meeting room policy and/or guidelines, disruptive behavior, vandalism, or theft.


The following types of events are permitted in the meeting room:
Public education programs sponsored by a government agency or non-profit organization
Programs of special interest, such as collectors or hobbyists
Employee recruitment, orientation or training

The following types of events are NOT permitted in the meeting room:
Private social events such as family reunions, birthday parties or wedding receptions
Sales of any kind

  1. The library charges no fees for the use of the meeting room; however, groups may be assessed a $25.00 refundable deposit.
  2. Payment shall be made for any damage to or loss of library property and a fee for janitorial service may be assessed if the room is not left in the condition in which it was found.
  3. The library is not liable for injuries to people or damage to property of organizations using the room.
  1. Library programs take precedence over other meeting room activities.
  2. Only light refreshments and no alcoholic beverages may be served.  The meeting room must be left free of crumbs, waste, etc.  The library provides no equipment or services for the serving of refreshments.
  3. Smoking is prohibited on all library property. E-cigarettes and other electronic smoking devices are also prohibited in the Library.
  4. Each group using the room is responsible for the setting up of the room and returning it to its original condition, with trash properly disposed of and tabletops cleaned.
  5. Lights are to be turned off at the conclusion of the meeting.
  6. The meeting room is available during Library hours unless an after-hours meeting has been approved by Library staff.   The meeting room is to be vacated one hour after the Library closes.
  7. Any food, beverages or personal items left in the meeting room on the day following a meeting will be discarded.
  8. Meetings held in the Library’s meeting room must not disturb normal Library operations.  The Library reserves the right to stop meetings that are disruptive to normal library operations.
  9. Carpooling is recommended because of the limited parking in some Library parking lots.  The Library may request that groups arrange for off-site parking.
  1. An application for the use of the meeting room must be signed by a representative of the group and filed with the library. 
  2. Requests for the use of the room should be made at the circulation desk at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting but no more than 90 days prior to the meeting date.
  3. A maximum of two (2) meetings per month may be scheduled with a total of six (6) per year.  The library director or her designee must approve long-term or multiple bookings.
  4. Requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis.  
  5. Applicants will receive confirmation by mail or email, verifying the date, time and acceptance or denial of the requests.  
  6. The library reserves the right to cancel prior meeting room reservations without notice in the event of an emergency, such as snow closings or unsafe building conditions.  All efforts will be made to notify groups scheduled to use the meeting room in the event of an emergency.  If in doubt, call the Library, or check local and social media.
  7. Library staff should be notified as soon as possible if a meeting scheduled for the room has been canceled.
  1. The name, address or phone number of the Delaware County District Library may not be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization. 
  2. The use of the meeting room by a non-library group shall not be publicized in such a way as to imply library sponsorship of the group’s activities.
  3. Copies of all publicity of events to be held in the meeting room should be provided to the library.