Thank You!

Thank you, voters!

Thank You Voters

About two years ago we began sending a series of welcome emails to patrons after they signed up for a library card. This served as a way to introduce new patrons to all the services and materials that the Delaware County District Library offers. We wanted to include a quote as a signature at the bottom of each email. After much searching, we landed upon these words from Andrew Carnegie:

“A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.” 

Many know Andrew Carnegie as the father of the modern library in America. He contributed toward the building of more than 2,500 public and university libraries. In fact, our original Delaware Library on South Sandusky Street is a Carnegie Library. 

Today, Carnegie’s sentiments could not ring truer. The Delaware Library is not a building with books. It is a service to the community. It is discoveries of a new passion. It is memories made between children, parents, grandparents and friends. It is open to all. 

Earlier in October, our Friends of the Library requested that we create a craft for the children’s area where kids would draw or write reasons why they love the library. They have been on display outside Director George Needham’s office for several weeks now. Listed below are some of my favorite responses to the prompt, “Why do you love the library?”

Alice, age 3. I just do. I like to get library books. I like the crayons. Nothing else.

Roman, age 8. Because they have my favorite books here.

Malia, age 7. I always love to look at the fish and LEGOs! I love it!!!

Clara, age 14. It’s like a second home.

Jason, age 38. Fun to play with my daughter Makenna. 

Pictures that were drawn include many smiling faces, hearts and books. I think Clara got it right when she said that the library is like a second home.

On Tuesday, voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative renewing the library’s 1-mill operating levy for another 15 years. From our board of directors, the levy campaign committee, the Friends of the Library, and the library staff, we cannot thank the voters enough. Your approval allows us to continue on this journey of information and education for the people of Delaware County. 

Now begins the process of following the roadmap we’ve laid for the next 15 years of library service. But, of course, the journey begins with a good book in our backpack. See what’s new and exciting in books right now.

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Friday, November 9, 2018
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