At-Home Crafting

Join Teen Librarian Becky for this virtual crafting event! Learn how to make Pinterest-inspired creations with stuff you might find around your home.

Watch the video on the library's Facebook page and YouTube page at 2:00 pm and chat along with Becky in the comments. 

YouTube Video:

Here are the crafts we'll be making and the supplies needed for each:

Cereal Box Journals-empty cereal box-paper-decorative paper (scrapbook, cardstock, magazines, etc.)-scissors-ruler-pen-glue stick-needle-thread, string, or embroidery floss-button

Mini Macrame-cord, yarn, string, etc.-scissors-binder ring, key ring, or other ring

Paper Mobile/Wall Decor-fishing line or clear string (strong thread, fine yarn, or embroidery floss would work as well)-colorful paper (scrapbook paper, cardstock, paint swatches, old books, magazine pages-- anything will do, though the studier the paper, the better it will hold its shape)-scissors-glue stick (other types of glue or tape would work)-basic shape stencil (optional)-long stick/dowel or hoop, such as an old yardstick or embroidery hoop

Decorative Bulletin Board-cardboard (the sturdier the better; if you want a particular size/shape, have an adult carefully and safely help you cut the cardboard down to size)-scissors-fabric (at least a few inches larger than your cardboard shape)-hot glue gun (duct or masking tape would probably work in a pinch)-string, yarn, or embroidery floss


July 10, 2020, 2:00 pm - July 10, 2020, 3:00 pm




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