Great GeekFest 2021

Great GeekFest 2021

Saturday, October 9 | Live on YouTube

The Great GeekFest is a celebration of all the things people geek out over, sharing what they’re geeky for in the home of all geekdoms – the Library.

This year, the Great GeekFest will be a virtual event, streamed live on YouTube. Cosplay, gaming, movie buffs, and casual fans will all find something to pique their interest. Events are always FREE and all ages are welcome to attend. Play along at home and embrace your geeky side!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... the Library hosted a comic-con!

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The Great GeekFest Cosplay Contest is an event in which participants of all ages can show off their best original cosplay with a chance to win fantastic prizes. This year we will be accepting virtual entries, via the form below.

A couple of rules before you submit your costume:

  • There are no age categories this year. That means there’s one prize to rule them all.
  • Cosplays will be judged based on the overall quality of construction, the accuracy of your character, and presentation. 
  • All photos must be appropriate for all ages.
  • Group costumes are allowed, but the prize will go to the person submitting the cosplay via the form.

The deadline for submission is extended to Tuesday, October 5. Winner will be announced via YouTube livestream on Saturday, October 9.

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We’ll be going live on YouTube and jam-packing the day with geeky goodness.

9:00am – Welcome Panel
9:30am – Princess Storytime: Join Anna from Frozen for some stories and science.
10:00am – Drawing Demo: The first 10 minutes will be aimed toward our younger patrons. Join Melissa for a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw that beloved blue heeler, Bluey! Be sure to have your paper and crayons ready if you want to follow along. Immediately following, for our teen and adult patrons, Natalie will be doing a speed paint of some favorite characters from the popular anime, My Hero Academia.
10:30am – Book Talk: Mandy and Shannon will talk about the best comic-con style reads for all ages. Find new titles for your to-be-read list!
11:00am – Trivia: Play along at home with Mandy as she tests your knowledge of all things geeky!
12:00pm – Jackbox Games: Now streaming Jackbox games! Join the audience and participate in classic Jackbox hilarity such as Drawful and Quiplash. All games will be family-friendly.
1:00pm- Spelling Bee: Three geeks will compete in a Fantasy Spelling Bee, spelling words from fictional worlds such as Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, and more!
2:00pm – Board Games: Watch and play along with Kellen as he teaches the popular roll and write game Railroad Ink. This session will cover both how to play the game, and then we’ll all play through the game together virtually. Stop by your DCDL branch of choice starting October 1 to pick up your player sheet to play along during the session, or download and print your own.
3:15pm- Cosplay: Show us your inner geek and dress up as your favorite character for a chance to win cool geeky prizes. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive baskets stuffed with a variety of nerdy goodies from books and comics to Funko Pops and silly socks.
4:30pm- Library Gals Go to the Movies: Join Library Gals Via and Katy plus special guest Mandy for this podcast recording. We’ll duke it out in a horror movie cage match. Many movies enter, one will leave victorious.
6:00pm – Dungeons & Dragons:
Check out a colorful cast of characters in Librarian’s Lore, a DCDL D&D special! Join staff members as they roll crits, evade traps, and battle the ultimate evil!

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Library Gals: Director Bracket

Library Gals: Final Girls Bracket

Board Game Player Sheet

Anna’s Science Experiments

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Find Loki: October 1 - 9

Loki is wreaking havoc in the sacred timeline! Visit downtown Delaware, spot the Loki variant, and write their location. When you’ve found at least 7, come to the Delaware Branch to collect your price. Find all 10 and turn in your slip to enter to win a special Loki grand prize! For all time. Always.

Print your own Find Loki sheet below or pick one up at any DCDL location.

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General Rules & Regulations

Please read all rules before you attend the Great GeekFest. All standard library and social media policies apply.

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Vendors & Partners

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GeekFest Reads

Want to read something to get you in the GeekFest spirit? Pick a book from one of these lists inspired by some of the things we geek!

Marvel Booklist
DC Booklist
Dungeons & Dragons Booklist
Comic Cons Booklist
Cosplay Booklist
Video Games and Beyond Booklist

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