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Pick Up and Take Home for Rapid Results

Free COVID-19 Testing Kits Available via Curbside or Drive-Up

The Delaware County District Library joins more than 130 of Ohio’s public libraries to distribute at-home COVID-19 testing kits for free when you request them at any location via Curbside or Drive-Up Window service.

Please call your preferred location before you pick-up to check on availability!

Public libraries play a critical role in many individuals’ day-to-day lives, but we’ve been asked to step up in many more ways during this COVID-19 pandemic. Testing alone is not going to end the pandemic, but DCDL can help make the kits easily accessible to our community and fight the spread where we can.

The Background

Earlier this year, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) purchased two million at-home COVID-19 testing kits with the intent to make these rapid testing kits available and accessible in every Ohio county. The ODH worked together with the Ohio Library Council (OLC) to increase their reach, and soon public libraries began offering the free tests all over Ohio.

How Do I Get a Test?

  • Free kits from the ODH are available at any Delaware County District Library location (in Delaware, Orange Township, Powell and Ostrander)
  • Pull into a curbside pickup space or drive-up window
  • Follow the directions on the signs to call the branch and request a COVID-19 testing kit
  • DCDL staff will deliver the kit, along with a link to instructions, and individuals can test at home

The Delaware County District Library continues to ask that patrons with COVID-19 symptoms, or those who are feeling ill, refrain from entering the library. If customers are ill, experiencing symptoms, or have been exposed to someone that is ill or experiencing symptoms, they should not come to the library to get a kit. Please send a family member or friend to pick up.

Can I Get More Than 1 Test?

We can give a patron one kit for each family/household member who needs to be tested.

Where Can I Test?

Tests may not be completed in a DCDL building and Library staff may not assist beyond handing out the free tests. A QR code and link will be found on a corresponding piece of paper and the directions can be followed to complete the test or use the testing app.

What Do I Need to Test?

Email address, Internet connection and a device with a webcam – smartphone, tablet, or computer – are required. Abbott Labs, the maker of the tests, provides a free app called NAVICA that includes step-by-step instructions to both take the test and register the results. It also provides access to health professionals who can help interpret results. Call eMed customer support with questions or if assistance is needed: (844) 943-0061.

The Delaware Public Health District is another local resource that can offer assistance if you can’t meet the requirements listed above.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing FAQ

Have a Kit? Start Testing

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