Launchpads Are Here

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Introducing Playaway Launchpad -­ the kids only learning tablet that both kids and adults will love.

Playaway Launchpads are now available for checkout

Every Playaway Launchpad is pre-­loaded with high­‐quality, ad­‐free learning apps and games, providing hours of interactive learning and play.

Apps are grouped onto Launchpads by subject area, theme, grade level, and age. Featuring popular characters and brands, apps content spans subject areas from math and science to critical thinking and creativity, and theme from animals to princesses, fantasy, nature and more.

Kids will love the Launchpad experience, which lets them design a personal avatar before game play and choose an app adventure they’re most interested in.

Adults will love that Launchpads are 100% secure, ensuring that will not be exposed to unintended content, and that the informational console will let them monitor how time is spent on the tablet.

Launchpad is now available at the Delaware County District Library. Check one out today! Use your library card to take one home for two weeks at a time. You can renew up to three times, if there are no other requests for the same Launchpad. Browse the collection now at the Delaware Main Library or reserve yours for pickup at your home library. More titles and themes will be added throughout the year!

Current subjects include these titles, and more:

  • My Learning Space
  • A Day of Paddington
  • A View of Black History
  • Mission Up
  • Mmmm, Math
  • Ride to Readiness
  • Dr. Seuss Favorites Vol. 4
  • A, B, and Sea
  • Dino-Time
  • Super Reader
  • Smarty Paws
  • Go Wild
  • Once Upon a Mind
  • Growing Up Fast
  • Be Anything
  • Outdoor Explorer
  • My Trip to Space
  • Let's Go. Go. Go!
  • Read Me to the Moon
  • Mister Rogers Talks about Relationships
  • Mister Rogers Talks about Friendship
  • Berenstain Bears, The Wonder of Spring
  • I'm Ready for School
  • Numbers and Letters with Sesame Street
  • Learning with the Best on Sesame Street


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