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Got internet access?

Delaware County Broadband Survey

“Internet Deserts” exist — even in Delaware County! You can help eliminate the areas where there is little or no access to reliable and affordable internet service by simply taking a survey.

Delaware County has launched this survey to learn more about the broadband services you have and the broadband services you would like to have. It takes five minutes or less to complete. Please take the survey from your Delaware County home and/or workplace using the WiFi connection and device that you normally use.

A tip on taking the test of data download/upload speeds that is a part of this survey: When you take the speed test, it opens up a new tab. Just click on the word “Go” and let it run. No need to click anything else. When the test is done, it will have generated two numbers for you — a download speed and an upload speed. Go back to the tab where you were taking the survey and enter those numbers into the download and upload boxes, and then you’re all done!

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