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What Will Be Your Next Book?

Personalized Picks

Discover DCDL’s brand new service to help you find your next favorite read, with the help of a librarian – Personalized Picks! You let us know the last few books that you read and enjoyed, what aspects you liked about them, and what you want us to steer you toward (or away from) for your next title. Then, we’ll send you an email with a list of books that we think you might enjoy, based on your answers.

Fill out the Personalized Picks form at Once you fill the form out, you can expect an email with five-to-seven book recommendations that you might want based on your interests. We’ll get the email back to you as quickly as we can, based on current demand for the service.

The form is primarily for young adult and adult readers. However, if a child or teen reader is looking for reading recommendations, it may be best if their grown-up helps fill out the form on their behalf, so we can best understand the child’s reading tastes.

Feel free to become a Personalized Picks “regular” and discover your next best read with the debut of this fun service.

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